Language Courses

A new language is a world opening up, even if you are already somewhat familiar with it

Want to discover the world of a new language? Eager to feel more familiar with a language?

A thrilling exploration! But just as well the culture nourishing that language: so rich that we could easily call this a new world opening up (further).

Picking up a language, getting to feel it under your skin, that is fun. Quite like an adventure!
That is how I see it too. Together, we sort out what you will need the language for in the first place, so I try to form a precise image of the type of communication, what it aims at and who are the discussion partners involved.

My goal-oriented formula intends the development of 3 points of interest:

  • insight (by means of relevant practical examples)
  • listening efficiently (understanding the key message)
  • speaking with confidence (a gradual process we work out together)

We also make use of online tools. New: we offer from now on online courses via Webex, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.