More about Tony

The pleasure of learning should be at the top of the bucket list!


At the time my “Granny”, my mother’s mother, was 70, she started studying Spanish and Italian, and she maintained a lively correspondance in those languages about parapsychology.

That is why my mother used to call her “a natural linguist”, with an innate talent for languages.

This “good nose for languages” is therefore something I inherited from my Grandma. It is a passkey to make myself familiar with a new language or to remain up-to-date for the ones I already speak.

Yet, a language trainer needs some more essential qualities:

  • Listening
  • Empathy
  • Knowledge of, and being able to handle hands-on learning techniques
  • A sense of humour, as humour makes you relax
  • Creativity: being able to vary among types of activities

Throughout the years, I have managed to develop and refine them, which is why I feel at ease like a fish in water!